Ceilings: From Basic to Extraordinary

By Lindsey Walta, December 5, 2008 | In Home Design |

Ceilings can be one of two things: something that is forgotten and serves only the purpose of putting a barrier above your head; or it can be something that is awe-inspiring and makes you say, “Wow!” – I’d rather have the latter.

It’s important to know that there are all different types of treatments that you …

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Decorating For Christmas

By Lindsey Walta, November 20, 2008 | In interior decorating |

It’s almost Thanksgiving and that means most of you are thinking about decorating your house for Christmas. It’s my favorite time of year and I love to look at all the houses as they get dressed up for the Holidays.

With that in mind, I thought I’d share a couple of pictures of Frusterio houses decorated …

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Luxurious Master Baths

By Lindsey Walta, November 12, 2008 | In Home Design |

The master bath is quickly becoming a deal breaker when it comes to house plans. The main areas of concern, the kitchen and great room, are now including the master bath.

From luxury materials, to spa-like qualities, this article from www.kitchenbathdesign.com tells of the prominence designers are seeing in the master bath. Clients not only want …

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House Plans: An Allegory

By Lindsey Walta, October 31, 2008 | In Home Design |

Goldilocks and the Pre-Designed House Plan

Always prone to wander, and one never to learn her lesson, Goldilocks returned to the home of the three bears one crisp Autumn day. It was from this very house she had run not so many days earlier, terrified by the family of bears staring down at her as she …

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Custom Home Plans: An Allegory

By Lindsey Walta, October 29, 2008 | In Home Design |

The Three Bears Design a Custom Home

On a cold, wintry evening with little else to do in the large wood but seek shelter, a young bear family snuggled up together by a fire that they had made in their makeshift den. Oh, and as dens go, it was a good enough place; it stayed dry …

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