Outdoor Planters

By Lindsey Walta, November 17, 2008 | In Home Design |

When trying to spruce up your entrance, a beautiful set of planters filled with seasonal, colorful plants and flowers will instantly add charm and style. Here are a few of my favorite planters from stores that fit every style and price range.

Antique replica box from Charleston Gardens around $275.

Steel and Copper planter from Smith and …

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Curb Appeal: Keeping Your Lawn and Garden Healthy

By Lindsey Walta, November 5, 2008 | In Home Design |

Don’t forget curb appeal! We always talk about the actual house, but the landscaping plays a big role in curb appeal. Whether you are selling your current home, or settling into your brand-new one, proper landscaping will help tie your look together.

With that in mind, here are some winter gardening checklists courtesy of Birmingham Home …

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