Gadsden Renovation-Before and Middle

Everyone loves a good before and after. Luckily there will be a future post covering that. We happened to be in the area of this renovation we designed in April, which is a good ways away from our office, so today you get a “before” and “middle”, if you will… Fortunately the transformation …


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Luxurious Master Baths

By Lindsey Walta, November 12, 2008 | In Home Design |

The master bath is quickly becoming a deal breaker when it comes to house plans. The main areas of concern, the kitchen and great room, are now including the master bath.

From luxury materials, to spa-like qualities, this article from tells of the prominence designers are seeing in the master bath. Clients not only want …

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The Master Bath Redefined

By Lindsey Walta, October 6, 2008 | In interior decorating |

Bathrooms have come a long way. Take a look into a house built a few decades ago and you will see stark differences from homes currently being built. Bathrooms of the past were more or less necessary afterthoughts. They were usually small, cramped and just held the basics. Many times there was no such thing …

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