Worst Construction Mistakes

By Lindsey Walta, February 26, 2009 | In Home Design |

So many things go into designing and constructing homes and buildings, that it is no surprise that sometimes mistakes happen. No one is perfect and sometimes things slip past reviews and check lists and no one catches them. Usually they are not life threatening and are generally caught before they do any harm.

However, sometimes when …

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Laundry Room Ideas

By Lindsey Walta, February 5, 2009 | In interior decorating |

Don’t let your laundry become an afterthought. Traditionally, it is not a very exciting room, but it is definitely one you will be spending some time in on a regular basis. Make it a place you want to be. Just a little extra thought and creativity can go a long way to making your laundry …

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Uppercase Living

By Lindsey Walta, January 20, 2009 | In interior decorating |

If you are looking for new and creative ways to express yourself through your decor, look no further than Uppercase Living. They are a very unique company that offers word art that easily adheres to your walls or surfaces and looks as though it was professionally painted on. They come in hundreds of designs, colors, …

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Interior Decorating Tips and Tricks

By Lindsey Walta, January 7, 2009 | In interior decorating |

Here are a few tips and tricks that I have learned through experience (and making my own mistakes) that everyone should know.

1. Choosing a paint color seems so easy. You decide you want olive green walls so you head out to the paint store, pick out the olive green that appeals most to you and …

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Introducing Interiors By Frusterio

By Lindsey Walta, January 5, 2009 | In interior decorating |

Frusterio is excited to announce the expanding of it’s services to include Interiors by Frusterio. Our clients know that we are the destination for tasteful, well-designed, and timeless house plans. Now we can continue to serve you even as you strive to outfit your home with beautiful and unique items that fit your style and …

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