Have you found Houzz yet?

If you are a home designer/builder/architect/interior deisgner etc. or a homeowner planning your future dream home, and have not heard of Houzz, you need to check it out! I can already tell this is going to come off like Houzz put me us to writing this. That isn’t the case, but we have …

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Frusterio Designed Home in Mt. Laurel featured In B-Metro Magazine

By Adam Little, February 15, 2016 | In Home Design |

We are honored to share that a home we designed in Mt. Laurel was featured in the latest issue of B-Metro magazine!

I will not even try to compete with B-Metro’s writer, so just check the story out here.

We would love to know what you think of the …


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Vestavia Master Retreat Renovation featured in Birmingham Home&Garden

We were contacted by a family in Vestavia AL to design a whole house renovation. The completed home turned out beautifully and was featured in Birmingham Home&Garden magazine. This particular post will cover the renovated master retreat. Once the articles on the other areas of the home are released, we will post …

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2016 Best of Houzz-Customer Service

By Adam Little, January 13, 2016 | In Home Design |

We are greatly honored to receive the 2016 Best of Houzz Customer Service award!

If you are not familiar with Houzz , it is a wonderful tool to gather and share ideas and inspiration while designing your future home. We interact with prospective and existing clients every day on Houzz, and consider it a valuable …

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Homewood Craftsman

By Adam Little, January 4, 2016 | In Home Builders,Home Design |

Our firm contacted a few months back by a couple awaiting the arrival of their first baby. They wanted a custom home designed to flow well and accommodate the needs of their growing family. They were drawn to the charm and details of a classic Craftsman style. They chose to demolish an …

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