Rustic Fireplace

By Lindsey Walta, November 10, 2008 | In Home Design |

Inspirational picture for the day. This takes rustic to a whole new level. I usually see stone fireplaces that look slightly more man-made, but this one looks like the fireplace was carved out of the actual rock. Well-worn, unfinished wood makes an appropriate mantle and the large stone piece above the opening gives it great …

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Curb Appeal: Keeping Your Lawn and Garden Healthy

By Lindsey Walta, November 5, 2008 | In Home Design |

Don’t forget curb appeal! We always talk about the actual house, but the landscaping plays a big role in curb appeal. Whether you are selling your current home, or settling into your brand-new one, proper landscaping will help tie your look together.

With that in mind, here are some winter gardening checklists courtesy of Birmingham Home …

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Renovations: An Allegory

By Lindsey Walta, November 3, 2008 | In Renovation Design |

A Bearable Renovation

Several years have past since we last heard from our friends the three bears. Life has been treating them pretty well; Papa Bear and his partner Mr. Stearns had had some ups and downs, but then again, haven’t we all in this economy? Momma Bear was active socially, and especially loved entertaining in …

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