Be Smart When You Build a House

By Lindsey Walta, September 29, 2008 | In Green Home Design,Home Builders |

Find a great local builder. If you are building in a new location or if you are building a vacation home, find a local builder. Doing this gives you a lot of advantages. Builders oversee the house, while sub-contractors do the actual building, and a good local builder will have the best subs because of …

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Shutters…Still as Beautiful as Ever

By Lindsey Walta, September 26, 2008 | In Home Design |

Do you dream of having plantation shutters in your new home? If you do, you are not alone. They are one of the coveted must-haves in many new homes and rate up there with hardwood floors for many. Not only do they serve as a beautiful window dressing, they are extremely functional for light control. …

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Going Green in Alabama

By Lindsey Walta, September 25, 2008 | In Green Home Design |

It’s a common joke that we are behind the times here in Alabama. I personally like to think that we move a little slower here because we allow ourselves to stop and smell the roses every once in awhile…but that’s beside the point. The rest of the country has been slowly “going green” and now …

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Creative Kitchen Ideas

By Lindsey Walta, September 24, 2008 | In Home Design |

Courtesy of Cottage Living Magazine

Unique light fixtures resembling gas lights make a statement in this clean-lined kitchen. The use of neutrals contrasted with the white stone countertops creates a light and airy feeling throughout.

An innovative way to break up your counterspace is shown in this built-in butcher block. It is a beautiful contrast with the gray …

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How Long Will Your Major Home Purchases Last?

By Lindsey Walta, September 22, 2008 | In Home Design |

The Chicago Tribune recently wrote an article titled, “Built to last? Check home’s life expectancy.” This was a great quick overview of how long you can expect the major purchases you will make in your new home to …

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