Home Renovation First Steps

By Lindsey Walta, July 29, 2008 | In Renovation Design |

Imagine the following scenario:  your four young boys living in your three bedroom home are not so young anymore, and your oldest is begging for his own room.  The dilemma arises: do you try to sell your current home in today’s stagnant market, or do you consider the option of renovation?  For many people, renovating …

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How to Choose Between an Architect or Residential Designer

By Catie Farrell, July 2, 2008 | In Home Design |

It can be an intimidating and overwhelming thing. You and your family have decided to begin a project that will result in a home truly yours. So let’s begin.

There are basically 2 categories of establishments that can work with you on a custom home design: an architectural firm or a residential design firm.

You will hear …

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